Managed Connectivity for Wireless Kiosks

The wireless kiosk industry continues to grow and expand at impressive rates. As does the need for securing wireless kiosks. The fact is, wireless kiosks are everywhere these days, inside fast-food restaurants, gas stations, hotel lobbies, and more. With such a fast-paced, growing market, it’s no surprise that security needs are also growing.

Many kiosks provide self-service access to sensitive information, including personal details, financial accounts, and high-value equipment. This has led to a greater need for endpoint security for kiosks. In a wireless kiosk environment, security is essential.

There must be a method to identify a user accurately, prevent users from identity theft, and ensure that unauthorized persons are not able to access valuable or sensitive data, services, or goods. Additionally, kiosks now accept more forms of payment than ever before, requiring a secure connection for each payment method.

That is why managed cellular connectivity is the number one choice for wireless kiosks. A managed cellular solution protects kiosks by providing:

  • A Secure Private Network. In an ever-growing world of technology, you’ll need a device that is safe and versatile. A device with its own private network will protect your kiosk from ever having to share its network with anyone else. It will also prevent hackers from connecting to your Wi-Fi.
  • 24/7 Support. If at any point in time, you feel that your kiosk is compromised, you can reach out to customer support, which is offered 24/7 by few managed service providers. The support team should be able to check the status of your device, check-in times, any suspicious activity, and more.
  • Data Monitoring. Data monitoring provides insight and security for customer’s devices that may be using more data than usual. This can help manage data consumption and can notify customers of potential issues before they get hit with huge overage bills they would have to pay if they were managing the device on their own.

With OptConnect’s fully managed solution, operators have the peace of mind knowing they have the best available hardware, strongest carrier networks, secure private IP connections, access to the industry’s best 24/7/365 Customer Care Center, real-time monitoring and management, data overage risk mitigation, lifetime warranty, a robust customer portal and so much more.

Instead of trying to figure it all out on their own, operators now have a wireless provider that delivers a service-rich solution. This enables them to focus on running their businesses and generating revenue rather than spending precious time and energy on keeping their devices connected to the internet. We take the guesswork, frustration, and stress out of connectivity while also giving operators net cost savings.

The kiosk industry is booming and will continue to grow and expand for many years to come, and OptConnect will also continue to provide a safe and reliable solution for any and all kiosks.

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