Is the OptConnect Partner Program Right for My Company?

OptConnect’s Partner Program was created for those interested in providing the benefits of OptConnect’s fully managed cellular connectivity to their customer network. When a partner signs on to remarket or resell OptConnect services, they not only are helping their customers receive a dependable source of cellular connectivity, they are also generating an additional revenue stream for their own business.

So how do you know if the OptConnect Partner Program is right for your company? Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not this program would be a good fit.

1. Is a wireless internet connection relative to my customer’s business needs?

When asking yourself this question, it’s important to think about how your customers connect their machine’s or IoT devices to the internet, what their data and hardware requirements are, and what their pain points are with their current solution. Ask yourself if your customers could benefit from a fully managed wireless connectivity solution, if a secure connection is important to them, and if there are any features that their current solution isn’t providing? OptConnect provides a top-tier solution that is ideal for mission critical applications. Our commercial grade routers include built-in logic and proprietary software that ensures the strongest connectivity possible.

2. Do I have a network of contacts who could benefit from OptConnect wireless solutions?

It's important to consider your book of customers or contacts that you will work with throughout all stages of your OptConnect partnership. In the beginning stages, you’ll want to quickly gain momentum and start recognizing the value of the partner program early on. It’s also important to consider your target customers and create goals for specific opportunities. Are there large prospects you’d like to work with or many smaller prospects that’d benefit from OptConnect products? Understanding this will help you know who you can remarket or resell to and will assist as you strategize an approach.

3. Do I have the bandwidth to provide a new product line to my customers?

Being an OptConnect partner means being able to fully engage in selling/remarketing OptConnect solutions. You’ll want to think about what resources you can utilize, what your sales strategy will be, and will want to establish a game plan for success. Successful partners are engaged and spend significant time as they position OptConnect as a solution to their customers. As an OptConnect Partner, you have our full support. From sales team trainings, to assistance with sales pitches, to price negotiations, to technical support, we are here to help through the process.

Are you interested in becoming a remarketer or reseller? Please visit to learn more or contact us.

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