Is OptConnect ema™ the Right Fit for Me?

With the recent launch of OptConnect ema™, many organizations want their device, product, or service to be connected. Then, questions quickly follow like ‘how?’ and ‘how much?’. These questions, and most importantly how an organization answers these questions, are critical to the success of a cellular-connected device solution.

One has to seriously look internally at their organization to analyze their expertise and appetite for embedded IOT design. Most companies are very good at their core products and services. For example, a vending company knows how and where to place a connected vending machine to maximize vending sales potential as well as how to make stylish and functional vending machines, but they do not necessarily know how to embed a cellular modem to connect a vending machine as this is outside their core business competency.

Is embedded right for you? Here are some situations that would qualify you as a good fit for OptConnect ema™, the first fully managed Smart Embedded Modem™.

  • Limited embedded cellular hardware and software engineering expertise
  • Time and budget constraints to quickly get to market
  • Overall application volume where wireless module integration time and effort does not make economic sense
  • Data requirements in the MBs to GBs per month with Dual Carrier failover
  • Mission-critical applications where uptime is critical and end-to-end fully managed services are required

OptConnect ema™ meets the stringent requirements to quickly and easily design an embedded modem into a machine with a fully managed service to ensure connectivity and uptime. It is truly the first patent-pending embedded modem that is plug-n-play with a fully managed OptConnect wireless service to support it.

Each OptConnect ema™ includes the following as part of their managed service:

  • OptConnect SIM cards
  • Cellular data plans
  • Secure connectivity monitoring and management
  • Secure device management portal
  • 24x7x365 technical support with call center
  • Warranty replacement services
  • Simple ready-to-use back office API cloud integrations
  • Logistics
  • Fast fulfillment

OptConnect ema™ is more than just hardware. It is built to quickly get your connected device application into the market quickly so that you can focus on what you know best – running and growing your business.

To learn more about OptConnect ema™, visit give us a call at 1.877.678.3343.

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