Intuitive Digital Signs Thrive With OptConnect

To be successful, digital signs need a scalable, reliable, and impactful way to consistently update its content as the world evolves and progresses, especially as clients push to know their audiences even better than they do now.

More and more digital signs are becoming highly intuitive and adaptive to their environment, and they do that much more adeptly and efficiently when they are powered by OptConnect.

OptConnect takes the connectivity constraint problems of signage companies and turns those constraints into assets.

Captivate Thrives With OptConnect

Captivatehas utilized our IoT solutions to enhance their unique digital signage setups in locations throughout the US and Canada where they provide customized content to many of the world’s busiest locations. Michael Levesque, SVP Operations at Captivate has stated about our solutions:

“Meaningfully unique, unparalleled experience – OptConnect not only produces a nimble product – they’re helping transform the way Captivate leverages telecommunication throughout our product lifecycle. The 4G LTE neo improves our ROI and further solidifies our competitive advantage; reducing cost-of-ownership for end users, fundamentally changing customer enablement physics, and delivering unrivaled network uptime.”

The Cons of DIY Connectivity

A consistent problem I have seen is companies assuming connectivity will be easy and seamless when they do it themselves. Many times I have seen companies fail at wireless deployments, and it is more common for connectivity struggles than one might think.

When operators move from store to store, and city to city installing similar setups, there are conflicting cellular providers, unusual interferences to connectivity, and even different IT teams that block operators off of their local networks.

Easy Deployment With OptConnect

OptConnect delivers a secure and reliable product that can be delivered just in time for your scheduled installs. We also offer a lifetime warranty to help mitigate risks of buying devices that are limited to one carrier.

Most importantly, our 24x7 Customer Care team assists with our devices any time of day to help you get connected and stay connected.

Contact us today for further recommendations on how we can help your signage offering be better connected!

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