Introducing the OC-4600

As we continue to improve and enhance our fully managed wireless connectivity solutions, we are constantly focused on every aspect of that solution. We obsess over every element so that our customers don’t have to. So, today, we bring you the latest development and improvement to our robust lineup of hardware, the OC-4600.

This new 4G LTE Category 4 router is available in both AT&T and Verizon and offers improvements in speed, form factor, and functionality compared to our OC-4100 and OC-4500 for increased reliability and uptime. Our new OC-4600 router will replace the OC-4100 and OC-4500 routers.

As always, OptConnect customers will continue to receive the industry’s best fully managed solutions along with ultra-reliable hardware. The OC-4600 is one more step forward as we provide Connectivity-as-a-Service.

Rather than simply providing the connection to the internet, we bundle that with an entire suite of managed services that provides greater connectivity uptime and less stress and worry for the operators since every necessary component is being taken care of. All the operator needs to do is plug in their OC-4600 device and we help take care of the rest so that they can focus on other, more important areas of their business.

With the OC-4600 router, you’ll get:

  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Real-Time monitoring and management
  • Access to Summit, our robust monitoring platform
  • Secure network connections
  • API integration
  • Quick order fulfillment
  • Robust warranties
  • And more!

Today, customers are connecting more devices that need faster access to the cloud and to data. As connectivity to the cloud becomes more critical, downtime becomes more costly. The OC-4600 has two ethernet ports so that multiple pieces of equipment can be connected at once and both benefit from faster speeds and reliable uptime.

We’re excited to bring the newer, smaller, faster, more reliable OC-4600 to market,” said Steve Garrett, Chief Product Officer at OptConnect. “It includes all of the onboard software support that our ATM and POS customers depend on to run their business as efficiently as possible. And, not only is the hardware more compact, but it’s also more integrated, and that translates into higher reliability and better uptime.”

The OC-4600 is a truly compact, full-featured high-speed cellular router that fits almost anywhere so customers can connect their equipment to their cloud services. At OptConnect, we’re always moving forward and adding more functionality and value for our customers and the OC-4600 is the latest way we are doing just that.

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