Introducing the Gemini Antenna

At OptConnect, our customers come first. Which is why we're never done innovating to bring you the best products and solutions for your devices. Today, we are happy to share with you one of our latest innovations brought to life, the Gemini antenna. This antenna combines two antennas inside one small enclosure so that you'll double the strength with just one product. This will help with signal quality, signal strength, and much more.

The Benefits of the Gemini Antenna

4G LTE works best with two antennas. A cellular connection can be made with just one antenna, however, the second antenna helps stabilize the connection especially in low coverage areas and also improves upload and download speeds. When using two separate antennas, the spacing between the two is critical for optimal performance. The great thing about this new smart antenna technology is that the spacing between the two antennas inside the case has been engineered for maximum performance. This Gemini antenna is referred to as a MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out).

Why the Change?

As technology advances, OptConnect is committed to the application of enhanced technology. That includes this Gemini antenna which has been put through rigorous independent testing to make sure it delivers superior results for our customers and their connected equipment. We are committed to the reliability of our wireless devices and accessories to meet the very high standards our customers have come to expect from us. Delivering the best product and service in the industry is a key priority for us. The Gemini antenna is just one of the many innovations we are bringing to you in the next year. This antenna specifically, will begin shipping to customers who place new device orders starting immediately. Customers who have any questions about the new enhanced antenna can contact our Customer Care Center at 877-678-3343 to talk to one of our connectivity experts.

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