Introducing Our New emaTechTalk Series

In an effort to educate customers on all the features and technical aspects of OptConnect ema™, we created an emaTechTalk video series. The series is comprised of 8 short videos led by OptConnect’s Sean Horan, Senior Enterprise Sales Director of Embedded Products, and Matt Voigt, Embedded Cellular Engineer.

Each video takes a look at our award-winning embedded modem, OptConnect ema™, along with its associated features and products. The goal of these videos is to educate interested parties on the ins and outs of this innovative product and everything you can do with it.

Let’s take a brief look at what each video covers.

Episode 1 - Intro to OptConnect

The series starts out with an introduction video that shares details about OptConnect ema™, the first Smart Embedded Modem™, and how it can help speed up your time to market with your next IoT project.

Episode 2 - Virtual Hardware Overview

Next, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of OptConnect ema™. Take a dive into the physical features of ema and learn how this smart embedded modem works to provide seamless embedded connectivity.

Episode 3 - Ema Feature Overview

In this episode, we will go over all of the technical features that ema includes. Get more information on features like Summit, security, remote diagnostics and more.

Episode 4 - ema:Play Virtual Hardware Overview

In this episode, we’ll give a brief overview of ema:Play, our development kit built specifically for OptConnect ema™. Take a quick dive into the technical features of ema:Play and how it enables engineers to test and develop their ideas in a sandbox environment.

Episode 5 - ema:Play Feature Overview

In this episode, we’ll take you on a virtual deep dive into the features of ema:Play. You'll also see how to physically install ema onto ema:Play and how to get started using it.

Episode 6 - ema and Summit

Take a quick look at OptConnect Summit, our online device monitoring platform. Get a high-level overview of what kind of information you can see in the platform including device statuses, data usage, and more.

Episode 7 - Board ID & Glimpse

Next, we’ll go over the advanced features of ema, specifically Board ID and Glimpse. Learn how these features work and why they were created to help customers.

Episode 8 - Board Notify

In this final episode, we discuss our Board Notify functionality. This includes how to set up the API application within an OptConnect Summit account and how to use our interactive online tool to test it out.

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