Introducing Our New Dura Products

Here at OptConnect, we do everything with our customers in mind, and we are never done innovating. We are excited to introduce our first products specially designed and engineered for the industrial and energy verticals where the physical demands are different than many of our traditional IoT applications. These installations and applications require a more robust and durable product line to support the conditions they are placed in, and our new dura line was created with these applications and environments in mind.

Our dura product line enables us to make our fully managed wireless connectivity solution and its full stack of benefits available to customers in the industrial and energy verticals that need a trusted partner they can outsource their connectivity to. By trusting their connectivity needs to our expert and fully managed solution, they can focus on their core business and leave the complexities and frustrations of typical IoT deployments to our team. With more than 13 years of experience connecting mission critical devices and equipment, we have the right mix of hardware, services, and carrier partnerships to ensure seamless and easy deployments for our customers.

A Look at Both Products

OptConnect mylo dura features the latest 4G/5G LTE CAT M1 technology fully supported by both Verizon and AT&T. The CAT M1 network is built specifically for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications that don’t require ultra-fast speeds. When compared to standard 4G LTE devices, the CAT M1 mylo dura has superior building penetration strength to work in tough environments where other cellular devices don’t work as well like basements and deep inside larger buildings. OptConnect mylo dura also works further from cell towers so it is ideal for remote applications that aren’t close to densely populated areas with lots of cell towers. In addition, mylo dura also performs better in crowded and congested environments because the cellular carriers prioritize devices connected to the CAT M1 network over other devices.

OptConnect neo2 dura features 4G LTE CAT 4 connectivity for applications that require faster speeds and greater bandwidth. Our neo2 dura device also includes a second ethernet port so it provides the option for customers to connect multiple pieces of equipment with the same router without the need to purchase additional hardware. It is ideal for applications that need faster transmission of data or higher throughput of data that the OptConnect mylo dura cannot handle. When speed and reliability matter, you can trust OptConnect neo2 dura to deliver ultra-reliable fast connectivity.

Dual-Carrier & Industrial Grade

Both dura products include two activated SIM cards and connect automatically to Verizon and AT&T for the strongest and most reliable connectivity possible. This means that if one network goes down or has a weak signal that can’t support reliable connectivity, our dura devices automatically switch carrier networks guaranteeing your equipment stays connected. This failover connectivity is included at no additional monthly charge. Customers get the peace of mind knowing they have their equipment connected to the most reliable network and if there is ever an issue with that carrier, it automatically switches, with no action required by the customer.

Both dura products also come in a rugged aircraft grade aluminum case for better protection for the environments our customers are placing them in. The aluminum casing has an increased temperature rating for industrial applications as well. Also included with every dura product is all of the necessary industrial and durable accessories that customers will need to include their dura router in their industrial enclosure. The standard 35mm DIN rail bracket makes mounting a snap inside your enclosure. Each product also comes standard with an IP69 waterproof, dustproof direct mount external antenna, as well as an IP67 rated AC 18-24V, DC 8-40V power supply. Optionally, a magnetic mount antenna and 5VDC power supply are available for ease of installation in all deployments.

To learn more about the mylo dura and neo2 dura, please visit or give us a call at 877-678-3343.

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