OptConnect at the 2019 NAMA Show

Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year, the 2019 NAMA Show gathered more than 4,000 attendees with 1,000+ member companies to come together, network, and share best practices. These members include operators and professionals in vending, coffee services, foodservice micro markets, and pantry.

Founded in 1936, NAMA represents the $25 billion convenience services industry. NAMA is one of the best shows Optconnect attends because it allows us the opportunity to connect with thousands of vending, Food Services, refreshment services, and micro market industry professionals.

The Show’s Impact

Connectivity is vital in the convenience space. Henry Ford famously said, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” In the Food Services industry, I like to take that statement a step further to say nothing sells until a connection is made. In fact, one of the biggest pains in the convenience industry is reliable, predictable, connectivity.

That's where our managed connectivity comes in handy. The 2019 NAMA show allowed us to get with convenience operators and discuss the lifeblood of their operations, connectivity. Without connectivity, no transactions can take place. OptConnect gives intelligent control to these industry professionals to:

  • Close deals faster with a private network connection (no need to coordinate with local IT)
  • Install faster with a simple plug and play installation
  • Reduce service calls. OptConnect provides 24/7/365 technical support and lifetime warranty
  • Increase profitability by providing instant cellular connectivity to get them operating without delays

The Future of Convenience

The convenience space is growing and adapting new technology at a rapid pace. Artificial Intelligence is here and will only get better. Those who survive will establish key partnerships they can trust while they focus on their business and create the best experience for their patrons. The best way the convenience space can evolve with this technology is with OptConnect.

We provide award-winning customer support and the data needed for peace of mind that machines are up and transacting. This allows convenience industry professionals to focus on the world-class experience they are creating for patrons so that they can grow and impact the lives of many others.

The NAMA Show was, as always, a huge success for OptConnect. It was great seeing existing clients and meeting future clients. We had a blast participating in the 365 Retail Markets basketball charity event, the many sponsored parties hosted by our excellent partners, and meeting everyone on the exhibitor floor.

To learn more about NAMA, click here. To learn more about OptConnect, visit www.optconnect.com.

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