How IoT is Simplifying Ice Vending

At OptConnect, we provide connectivity for a wide array of industries. We are committed to simplifying connectivity for our customers and are always expanding into new markets as our fully managed wireless solution solves the stumbling blocks so many organizations face when trying to connect their machines to the internet. One particular market we have seen success in recently is the ice vending space. Ice vending machines are a convenient way for consumers to get ice whenever they need it without the need for human interaction.

As technology improves, it is getting easier for ice machine manufacturers and operators to place ice vending machines in more and more locations with reliable cellular connectivity options. For ice vending operators, ice vending machines provide a passive income with no need for staff or set hours. They provide an easy business model with minimal time required to maintain them. This simplified maintenance is fueled by IoT connectivity, which is also essential for updates and repair.

Ice Vending Connectivity

Reliable connectivity to ice vending machines is essential for many reasons; however, there are two main reasons, first, for payment transactions. Connectivity is needed for credit cards and other forms of electronic payment. Without connectivity, consumers are left with paying cash, which adds a layer of complexity as operators need to make change available, and there could be a higher risk of theft/vandalism if cash is left in the machine.

The second reason connectivity is essential is for updates, maintenance, and repair. Without reliable connectivity, any time the machine needs a new software update or a price change, someone has to visit the location, which is expensive. Connectivity allows owners to receive alerts on what parts need to be replaced before they break down. Downtime is expensive from loss of revenue and also from consumers who will not return to the location if they have a bad experience. It also allows owners to troubleshoot problems remotely and know what needs to be replaced or fixed before sending a technician in the field.

Technology always needs to be updated and current. With reliable connectivity, operators are able to push updates and security patches to all machines with a click of the button, no need for costly site visits just to install and download updates.

OptConnect for Ice Vending

OptConnect provides plug-and-play connectivity with the preferred carrier in the area that will guarantee the strongest signal possible. Our managed services take the headache out of keeping your ice machine connected, allowing ice vending operators to focus on growing their business, not on keeping machines connected. OptConnect enables operators to generate revenue faster by not waiting on local IT to get the machine approved and connected as well.

OptConnect allows operators to bring their own connectivity and own the customer experience with an end-to-end solution. Our managed services enable operators to have reliable connectivity to their machines without the need for DSL and the high expense of trenching to the machine. With a reliable connectivity partner like OptConnect, operators are able to increase their speed to market and ultimately reduce their downtime.

To learn more about how OptConnect can provide connectivity for your connected vending machines, please contact us at 1.877.678.3343.

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