How IoT is Impacting Healthcare

Technology within the healthcare industry is rapidly changing the way caregivers and patients interact. IoT for healthcare is also steadily removing the obstacles that are present in personalized home healthcare. The U.S. digital health market is expected to grow 26% annually through 2024.

The healthcare industry is primed to take advantage of IoT. It is driving everything from remote monitoring capabilities to smart devices that will send patient health data to hospitals, to the myriad of connected medical devices throughout the healthcare facilities.

Here are some examples of how healthcare is being impacted by IoT:

  • IoT technology keeps patients better connected to doctors via remote monitoring and virtual visits
  • It helps hospitals track staff and patients
  • IoT healthcare devices facilitate the care of chronic disease
  • IoT automates patient care workflow
  • it quickly culls, analyzes data, and disseminates data to keep everyone on the same page
  • it reduces inefficiency and errors
  • it optimizes the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, which can result in lower drug prices
  • it maintains quality control and manages sensitive items while they’re in transit
  • it can even lower healthcare costs by streamlining the overall process.

IoT has made deep inroads into the healthcare industry, and its presence is rapidly growing. Reliable cellular connectivity in hospitals is no longer a luxury to have; it is a necessity. However, IoT will do little good without reliable cellular connectivity within hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

After all, IoT is made up of numerous connected devices. If the cellular signals inside the building are spotty, all of those connected medical devices, systems, and sensors will be for nothing. If that happens, patient health and safety are put at risk. That’s why OptConnect is a trusted choice for healthcare and medical devices.

Our connectivity provides maximum uptime with little to no downtime. From an online dashboard where you can remotely monitor your portfolio of connected devices to our 24/7 Customer Care department who is there to answer the call whenever you need us, we provide everything bundled together to make sure your equipment gets connected quickly and stays connected.

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