How IoT Improves Commercial Refrigeration

The reach of the Internet of Things (IoT) is wide and impactful. Spanning almost limitless verticals, IoT is continuing to change the way we live. While many enterprise leaders have welcomed the advantages IoT gives them, particularly in terms of functionality and customer insights, there are still major concerns and challenges, especially in terms of privacy and security.

IoT technology has now become an integral part of commercial refrigeration, providing powerful new capabilities. In this post, we will go over the benefits of IoT in commercial refrigeration and how connectivity helps power them.

IoT For Commercial Refrigeration Benefits

The most common benefits of IoT in commercial refrigeration are:

  • Real-Time Monitoring. Integrated IoT sensors allow users to monitor conditions such as internal and external temperature, humidity, power usage, and more. This provides users with detailed data about their refrigeration systems and usage patterns, leading to actionable insights into operations and power consumption. Real-time monitoring also enables managers to remotely assess conditions and manage their system from their phone or computer 24/7. Users can even set alerts for when the system reaches certain power or temperature thresholds and receive immediate notifications on their mobile device.

  • Maintenance and Diagnostics. IoT technology provides insights that allow managers to schedule maintenance on their units when required as well as foresee issues before there is a problem. It also provides technicians with the capability to diagnose equipment remotely and the increased diagnostic functionality to pinpoint the problem precisely. The result is less onsite service calls, thus resulting in reduced maintenance and repair costs and less downtime.

  • Increased Efficiency. The IoT network is able to use data from sensors to analyze real-world conditions and make adjustments in real-time. That means refrigeration units work at full capacity when necessary and enter a lower power consumption state when less cooling is required. With intelligent commercial refrigeration monitoring, practices like fly wheeling become lower risk. This increases efficiency, reduces costs, and leads to longer equipment life.

Managed Connectivity For Commercial Refrigeration

In today’s challenging environment, OptConnect understands that reliability is a top priority for Commercial Refrigeration. Refrigeration units are mission-critical systems that can quickly become a costly service call if they go down. This can result in lost business and revenue for Businesses and Service Providers, wasted perishable food items, as well lost goods in sensitive temperature-controlled warehouses.

The key to their functionality and overall success is ultimately their ability to connect reliably to the internet. Do not waste resources on unreliable connectivity. OptConnect aggregates data across our 250,000 connected devices deployed in North America to find carrier trends to repair issues before you may even be aware of a pending outage.

All of this is backed by our 24/7 customer care team to troubleshoot and help answer all of your hardware and cellular technical questions. Quickly and affordably get your equipment connected with OptConnect’s fully managed cellular services.

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