Future Trends of Digital Signage

As digital signage continues to evolve, it’s important to get a sense of where the market is headed. That is why the 2019 Digital Signage Future Trends report by Digital Signage Today was created so that vendors and deployers alike could get as close as possible to predicting where digital signage is heading. The report gathered data from 464 end users across multiple verticals including schools, retailers, restaurants, and others on how they are using digital signage and their future plans. According to the 2019 Digital Signage Future Trends report, digital signage trends will include: Better analytics. Today we see digital signage all around us and it can be easy for signs to get lost in the commotion. That is why now more than ever, it’s important for digital signage to be tailored to its audience. That personalization is a key focus for many digital signage deployers and is becoming more possible with better analytics. Luckily better analytics are now on the way thanks to new technologies like AI. Deployers can now use AI to analyze historical customer data to deliver more effective, personalized content. More robust hardware. According to the report, the hardware is getting smarter as well as cheaper. As analytics software develops, digital signage hardware is also keeping pace. Multiple industry experts in the report offered some key insights into hardware trends including:
  • Commercial-grade digital signage hardware will help secure networks
  • Outdoor displays will get larger
  • Mini/micro-LED technology will deliver better resolutions
An increasing number of deployments. The report revealed that end-users across the board have already deployed digital signage or plan to deploy additional digital signage in 2019. It found that:
  • 54% of restaurants planned to deploy digital signage to more locations
  • 40% of retailers planned to deploy digital signage in the future
  • 63% of banks have deployed digital signage or plan to deploy it
As you can see, these insights indicate that digital signage is only going to be bigger and better in 2019. There’s a lot to look forward to in the space and the pace and magnitude of improvements will only increase over time.

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