Helping Hands at the Utah Food Bank

“From what we get we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” - Winston Churchill

Volunteering is proven to be good for your health and your happiness. On October 2nd, we saw that first-hand in the smiles of our employees as they packed food boxes for those in need at the Utah Food Bank. The Utah Food Bank in Salt Lake City distributes food free-of-charge to a network of 149 partner agencies located throughout all 29 counties of Utah. With a food bank this busy, we were happy to be able to lend a helping hand.

A Meaningful Service Project at the Utah Food Bank

Celebrating a company milestone, we surprised our employees with a day full of activities, the first being a service project at the Utah Food Bank. With all of our employees in tow we showed up to the Food Bank at 9:30 am, ready to make a difference. We split into two teams in order to do more with the amount of time we had. Half our team went to sort food and the other half pre-packaged boxes of food to be sent off to food pantries around the state. Both teams had great energy, we all felt a greater purpose in being there and helping. Knowing that we were helping put together a meal for someone who may not have gotten one otherwise was very rewarding. There have been countless instances in our journey at OptConnect where we were the recipient of someone else's good deed, an act of kindness, or a helping-hand that was extended to us. We believe in being good stewards, and we are compelled to return those acts of kindness, in some small way. We think giving service has an unquantifiable domino effect and we hope that we can inspire others to do the same.

Here is what some of our employees had to say about the service project:

“Being able to put aside stresses at work to focus on other people was rewarding because I knew that the little help I could provide might make someone else's day a little better." - Sherine Beatty, Accounts Payable “Doing service at the Utah Food Bank was a great experience. Working together as a team was fun and knowing that you are helping others in need is very rewarding in so many ways.” - Juliana Ballard, IT Project Manager “Our time spent at the Utah Food Bank was a great opportunity to help those in need in our community. It really speaks volumes about our company as a whole and the values we uphold.” - Blake Barber, Inside Sales Associate “It was a great surprise, and I really enjoyed the fact that our company was able to come together and make such an effort to help the community.” - Jordan Tingey, Inside Sales Associate “It’s so uplifting to see the CEO, leaders, and co-workers lending a hand at the food bank. I just know that I am in a good place, surrounded by good people.” - Jacob Katutu, Senior Network Engineer

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