Exploring Board Notify and Why It's Important

At OptConnect, we do everything with our customers in mind, and we are never done innovating. In thinking about our customers and the future of IoT, we knew we wanted to create a product that could scale with our customers and save them time, money, and help provide a more reliable embedded connectivity solution than what is currently available in the market.

That’s how OptConnect ema™ was created. OptConnect ema™ is a fully certified LTE Category 4 modem with onboard intelligence, embedded firmware, and software paired with OptConnect’s industry-leading suite of managed services. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about a special built-in feature of ema called Board Notify and why it’s important.

What is Board Notify?

Board Notify is a uniquely powerful feature built into ema’s intelligence that allows the host system using ema for the internet to receive data from any other internet connected device. It can be thought of like a text messaging service that’s guaranteed delivery through OptConnect’s IoT infrastructure.

Board Notify was created so that we could allow our customers a simple path to receive data to their IoT and M2M devices. Text messaging is not easily implemented on IoT and M2M devices due to pseudo phone numbers associated with the SIM cards. We thought about this and built in Board Notify as one alternative.

Simply put, Board Notify allows for the customer’s device to save power and usage data by not having to constantly check into a server or poll for a text message to receive data. Since ema is always connected, the Board Notify message appears almost instantaneously.

How to Use It

To use Board Notify, activate an API Application through your Summit Account and then use the Board Notify API endpoint to send your data to any ema by serial number. That’s it, it’s that simple. We’ve built ema to be truly intelligent, indeed managed, and truly monitored. With all the plug-and-play functionality now built in, all the customer has to do is plug it in and use it.

We’ve taken the last 10+ years of experience in wireless services and simplified and perfected the solution and found a way to embed it all inside a patent-pending design.

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