Digital Signage is Only Getting Smarter

As digital signage continues to evolve, signs will only get smarter and more capable of processing large amounts of data. This means more personalized, responsive, and effective signage will be possible.

The future of digital signage won’t only be wireless, but will also be fully reliant on its own system to make fast-paced decisions for more targeted signage.

Smarter Signs

In 2019 we will continue to see digital signage getting smarter, faster, and more effective. With Smart programs and AI entering the field, an unprecedented scaling of data analysis and integration will be possible. This means that digital signage systems will be able to target messages to specific displays based on the data they are receiving and analyzing (Digital Signage Today).

By sifting through large amounts of information, signage systems will be able to make suggestions as to what content should be displayed and where. This will take cross-promotion to a whole new level.

Truly integrated campaigns will finally be possible, a consumer will be able to see an ad on a digital mall sign that corresponds to the ad they saw earlier on their smartphone. The possibilities are endless with this new technology.

Responsive Content

Responsive and automated content is now becoming possible thanks to AI. Computers will make certain choices based on external data correlations. Sensors on the actual displays, as well as data feeds from computers and the web, will adjust content according to real-world conditions. The computer will be able to adjust ads according to weather, events, etc. so that customized content is always on at the right times.

Scalable Connectivity

In order for these systems to be able to sift through large amounts of information and make decisions, they’ll need fast and reliable connectivity. As the technology for these signs evolves, digital sign providers will need to be thinking about how to choose the best fit for their connectivity needs.

Choosing the right connectivity goes beyond the connection you’re getting.

You’ll want to be thinking about whether or not that connectivity is being monitored and collecting the data you need to make informed decisions about your signs.

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