Considerations for Smart Locker Connectivity

With a workforce that is more mobile and dynamic than ever, businesses are relying more heavily on systems that improve accessibility and efficiency wherever possible. It’s clear why smart lockers are becoming the most sought after solution for locations with variable users and flexible schedules. (Noke).

Smart Locker Connectivity

Many smart lockers have credit card terminals, digital advertising, and other applications that require connectivity to the internet in order to access remote updates and acquire key performance indicators such as how often is the smart locker being used, how much revenue is the smart locker generating, online/offline statuses, inventory levels, and more.

One thing all smart lockers have in common is that to be smart, they must connect to the internet. Having a consistent, reliable connection anywhere can be challenging. That is why OptConnect has been focused on helping smart locker operators connect to the internet with a fully managed solution that instantly works and keeps working. This means:

  • No waiting for local IT
  • No cables needed
  • No location that we cannot reach

OptConnect provides a consistent, predictable cost for connecting smart lockers, no surprises with overages, or other fees. Additionally, our device management platform, Summit, provides visibility into all devices, including which ones are online, which are offline, for how long, geographic location of the device, signal strength and quality, last check-in time, description, and smart locker ID tracking, and more.

With OptConnect, you know what is working and what is not working. We are a part of your team and are available 24x7 with a live person to answer any questions you may have. Smart lockers are on the rise, and they need the right connectivity to continue to advance and scale effectively.

To learn more about OptConnect’s fully managed wireless solutions, please visit us at

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