Choosing A Connectivity Provider For Micro Markets

More than 25% of micro market service calls are related to connectivity issues. Without a solid internet connection, micro markets lose out on their primary functions including processing cashless payments, reporting sales and inventory levels to operators, and remotely monitoring video surveillance. This is why it's important to choose a connectivity provider for micro markets that you can trust.

Factors to Consider

Typically, choosing micro market connectivity takes place early in the sales process, as the budget and time to install are directly affected by this decision. This means that you'll want to consider the following factors when choosing a connectivity provider:
  • Cost. Many connectivity providers will have extra hidden fees that you'll want to watch out for. You'll want to choose a connectivity provider that will have an all-in-one price to keep you connected.
  • IT Support. This is especially important if you are a small business, which most of the time does not have a dedicated IT team. In addition, micro markets are generally placed in locations with as few as 200 employees. These client locations may or may not have the enterprise-level IT staff to support the Micro Markets connected to their network. You'll want to make sure that your connectivity provider provides adequate support day and night for any issues that may arise.
  • Security. Data security and transaction security are primary concerns for micro markets. Although payment transactions are normally encrypted and secure from the micro market through to the processor, the type of network and connection can either add to the security or add a layer of risk. This means you'll want a connectivity provider that can provide a secure connection on a private network.

The OptConnect Difference

After years of being the industry leader in managed wireless solutions for ATMs, OptConnect has expanded that offering to micro markets. “Offering our wireless solutions to other businesses is a natural expansion of our business,” said Wayne Vandekraak, Director of Sales & Marketing at OptConnect. “We've made significant investments in our products and support systems over the years, and have a proven track record of great quality service.” So what makes OptConnect truly stand out from other connectivity providers?
  • Field-Tested Technology. OptConnect’s device and services have been tested and approved by the technology and security teams of the top micro market manufacturers in the industry. There are active units deployed in the field on each of the top micro market brands. OptConnect devices contain proprietary technology that will obtain and maintain the highest possible signal strength on nearby cellular towers.
  • Unrivaled Security. OptConnect utilizes private cellular networks, which are by far the most secure communication systems available and the preferred communication method for most industries.
  • Fully Managed Solution. OptConnect provides a fully managed solution meaning that devices are delivered with network settings programmed for Micro Markets and DVR’s, and cellular services activated for a simple plug and play installation.The OptConnect support team monitors your devices and cellular networks 24/7 for optimal performance. We also have direct lines of communication with carriers for unmatched network support.
The right connectivity provider for micro markets should save operators time and money. OptConnect does both, making it is the best choice for fast, reliable, secure and affordable connectivity when it comes to your micro markets. Interested in learning how OptConnectʼs wireless managed service can impact your business? Contact us today at 1.877.678.3343.

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