Combating Point of Sale Connectivity Challenges

Many retail environments are going smart, meaning they are now faster than ever before and capable of so much more. These smart POS systems need the right connectivity that can keep up with their various functions. In today's post, we'll cover the most common point of sale connectivity challenges, benefits of 4G LTE, and how to choose the best connectivity provider.

There are many challenges poor network connectivity can lead to and today we’ll be discussing those challenges and how they can affect your business. Basic connectivity is no longer going to cut it and the last thing you want is your POS losing the ability to verify check payments or having security issues due to poor network connectivity.

Here are some common POS challenges that arise with poor network connectivity:

  • Slow Payment: Slow payment increases your wait time, frustrating customers.
  • Data Loss: Poor network failure leads to loss of data and vulnerable security.
  • Transaction Errors: The slow network can cause delays and errors in transactions.
  • Cash Payment: POS not working? Now your customers are forced to take out cash to complete their payment.

The Benefits of 4G LTE

Have no fear, 4G LTE is here. Since POS systems have evolved into databases for valuable customer information and retail insights, they need stronger network connectivity than ever before. All of the challenges we’ve discussed can be combated by 4G LTE connectivity.

Your POS devices need high-speed connectivity, they need 4G LTE to cope with their demand. Getting 4G LTE will change your business for the better. With 4G LTE, you’ll get real-time, secure transactions of financial and personal data.

Your POS devices will thrive and you’ll get more time to spend on the things you really care about.

Choosing the Right Connectivity Provider

Now that you’re ready to upgrade to 4G LTE, you’ll need a wireless connectivity provider that offers high-speed connections and real-time data monitoring. OptConnect provides connectivity for point of sale applications of any size.

Our solution provides a more flexible, more robust, lower-cost option for POS system deployments.

Here are some benefits of using our high-speed connectivity for your POS systems:

  • Reliable and secure real-time transactions
  • Quicker transaction processing time
  • Enhanced retail productivity

To learn more about OptConnect’s robust solution, visit

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