Being Honored As a 2019 Pro to Know

H. Jackson Brown Jr. said, “Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.” This is a concept that is present in the work we do here at OptConnect. As we strive to do our best in every department, we don’t do it for the recognition, we do it to be the best we can for our customers. That being said, when we are recognized, it’s something that means a lot to us. It gives us a chance to reflect back on the success we have had by working relentlessly in the pursuit of our goals. Recently I was recognized as a 2019 Pro to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. While the 2019 Pro to Know award is given to individuals, in my eyes, it is a team award and reflects back upon all of the incredible people here at OptConnect who work tirelessly to make sure our customers are taken care of and don’t have to deal with delays or issues in the supply chain process. This award recognizes supply chain executives, and manufacturing and non-manufacturing enterprises, that are leading initiatives to help prepare their companies’ supply chains for the significant challenges of today’s business climate. Our relationship with our supply chain is very important to the success of our business at OptConnect. We have worked extremely hard over the years to partner with the best possible companies and individuals so that the entire interaction with our customers is seamless from start to finish all along the supply chain. We focus on open and honest communication with all of our valued partners and know that by doing that, we alleviate many of the potential issues that may come up from time to time. We focus on finding solutions rather than placing blame. We work together to find solutions and constantly look for ways to improve our processes and procedures along the way. In our particular business, I believe that the key challenges facing customers and their supply chains in the year ahead are going to be the sunset of 3G technology, prolonged lead times, as well as standard parts and chips phasing out. We are preparing for these challenges by simplifying the process for our vendors and customers as much as possible. Our customers are deployers of equipment that they own and operate themselves. They come to us because we simplify the whole process for them. We do this by looking at historical trends and based on those trends we’re able to predict how much they’ll need and when they’ll need it. We then work closely with our vendors to make sure that we’re able to fulfill our customer’s needs as they come in. As I mentioned previously, I am honored to have been named a Pro to Know by Supply and Demand Chain Executive. While it is my name on the award, I want to thank my entire team for their involvement in our supply chain processes and for their efforts to make sure we are top of our class and a leader in our industry. Together we have accomplished remarkable things for our customers and we are looking to make an even bigger impact together in the future. To read the full press release about the award, click here.

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