Which OptConnect Industrial Cellular Router Is Best for You?

A reliable Internet connection is increasingly crucial in our digital-dependent world. Take, for example, the industrial sector, where everything from irrigation gateways to wastewater connectors demand 24/7 connectivity along with durability. So much so, that basic wireless routers may not be up to the task.

Recently, OptConnect introduced its 'dura' line of industrial routers - the mylo dura, neo2 dura, and ascend dura - each designed specifically to connect heavy-duty industrial IoT applications in challenging environments.

These OptConnect devices offer unparalleled connectivity and reliability to industries that need to optimize operations and drive higher productivity. Right out of the box, the mylo dura, neo2 dura, and ascend dura are quick to deploy, simple to scale, and easy to monitor remotely.

Here are more specifics about each wireless industrial router in the dura series.

mylo dura - 4G/5G LTE category M1 industrial router

The OptConnect mylo dura is a 4G/5G LTE CAT M1 dual-carrier cellular router that can be connected to most industrial IoT applications that require a simple, low-bandwidth monitoring solution. The mylo dura acts as a centralized hub, collecting and transmitting data to cloud-based platforms for real-time monitoring.

OptConnect mylo dura, industrial cellular router with Ethernet port

Seamless IoT integration: mylo dura supports multiple IoT protocols, including MQTT and RESTful API, enabling effortless integration with a wide range of industrial IoT devices. This is the wireless router that makes monitoring and control of machinery easy, along with asset tracking, environmental sensing, operational efficiency, and the predictive maintenance.

Advanced data analytics: By capturing and analyzing vast amounts of data in real-time, mylo dura helps industrial operators identify patterns, anomalies, and trends. These insights can boost proactive decision making, minimize downtime, optimize processes, and reduce costs.

Scalability and flexibility: mylo dura's modular architecture and flexible configuration options allow businesses to scale their IoT deployments according to evolving requirements. The mylo dura supports both wired and wireless connectivity, ensuring compatibility with diverse industrial environments such as irrigation, wastewater, groundwater and water treatment.

neo2 dura - 4G LTE category 4 industrial cellular router

The OptConnect neo2 dura is a 4G LTE category 4 cellular router with dual-carrier connectivity, designed for higher speed, greater bandwidth, and uninterrupted connectivity in industrial settings. With its rugged design and industrial-grade components, neo2 dura can withstand the elements while connecting to a variety of industrial IoT equipment.

OptConnect neo2 dura, industrial cellular router with 2 Ethernet ports

Connectivity on the go: neo2 dura supports multiple wireless technologies, including 4G LTE and Cat M1, ensuring seamless connectivity even in remote or hard-to-reach locations. The neo2 dura also enables real-time data transmission, remote monitoring, and management of critical industrial applications for informed decision making.

Robust, secure design: neo2 dura boasts a durable enclosure, built to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and other challenging conditions. Its enhanced security features, such as SSL encryption and VPN support, guarantee data integrity and protect against unauthorized access.

Easy deployment and management: With its plug-and-play functionality and user-friendly interface, neo2 dura enables quick and hassle-free installation right out of the box. It seamlessly integrates with existing industrial systems and can be remotely monitored and managed, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Flexibility: Thanks to a second Ethernet port, it's simple to connect more than one industrial device to the neo2 dura. This router is a great option for industries needing higher data speeds or the ability to connect in an area where a CAT M1 network isn't yet in place.

ascend dura - 4G LTE category 4 cellular router with Wi-Fi

The OptConnect ascend dura is a 4G LTE category 4 industrial router that features 4 Ethernet ports and a plug-and-play Wi-Fi Hotspot that connects immediately and reliably for more uptime and the ability to monitor your equipment remotely. This is the industrial modem that offers high speed and wide coverage, with backup/redundant network connections for LANs and flexible Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity for challenging physical layouts.

ascend dura industrial router

Immediate wireless connectivity:
Because the ascend dura features a Wi-Fi hotspot, it can connect immediately to a Wi-Fi controller (e.g., the Hunter Hydrawise controller in the smart irrigation space), an industrial gateway, or multiple controllers in one location.

Private IP address:
To counter security threats, the ascend dura features a private network. No more dealing with the difficulty of local, on-premise Wi-Fi networks, IT departments, homeowners, or unreliable Wi-Fi connections.

Commercial-grade components: The ascend dura features rugged aircraft-grade aluminum housing, with temperature resistance from -40c to 85+ in outdoor environments, designed to maintain near 100% network communications versus personal cellular hotspot devices. The ascend dura also comes fully kitted with a NEMA 4X enclosure, ensuring additional safety and protection from the elements - plus a single-housing MIMO cellular and MIMO Wi-Fi antenna.

Fully managed service: Like other OptConnect routers, the ascend dura includes access to Summit, a cloud-based customer portal that allows for 24/7 monitoring of the connectivity equipment - plus live support from the award-winning OptConnect Customer Care team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. No matter what the issue, OptConnect is just a phone call away.

Flexible use cases: With the ascend dura, you get ideal connectivity for security and surveillance, access controls, building management systems (BMS), PLC controls, and many other industrial applications - all remotely manageable and upgradeable.

The OptConnect advantage

No matter your industry, OptConnect offers quicker deployment and greater speed to revenue. No need for site surveys; you'll have visibility by geo location and consistent connectivity. OptConnect products are also easy to scale--so your IoT portfolio can grow as fast as you need it to.

With OptConnect, dedicated customer care is a given. You also get obsolescence protection and lifetime warranties for hardware issues, cloud-based customer dashboard and portfolio mgmt tools; 24/7 remote monitoring, and a secure private network.

No matter which dura product suits your industry best, you'll have all the support you need to empower your business and stay connected. Click below to get started.

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