Benefits of Managed Connectivity for Water Treatment & Irrigation

Water treatment and irrigation systems are becoming more advanced, offering new features and capabilities for operators and service providers. Part of their enhanced capabilities includes their ability to communicate with cloud-based platforms for remote monitoring and operations.

As systems not only continue to advance the need to connect legacy equipment in the field increases, the key to their functionality and overall success is ultimately their ability to connect reliably.

Managed connectivity includes remote monitoring, real-time status updates, and much more. These are all things that are imperative to a streamlined connectivity experience.

Key Benefits

Relying on Wi-Fi or an on-premise network limits your ability to control what is happening and how quickly you can respond if something goes down, especially if you are at another location.

Managed connectivity offers many benefits for water treatment and irrigation operators and OEMs, like:

  • Remote System Locations
  • Remote System O&M
  • Embedded Solutions
  • Security of Connection
  • Stability of Connection
  • Accessibility of Hardware
  • Bypass On-site IT/Truck Rolls
  • 24/7 Support
  • Plug and Play Functionality
  • Dual Carrier Failover

OptConnect for Water Treatment & Irrigation

As the premier wireless data provider for water treatment and irrigation systems, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your connected equipment deployment simple and secure.

OptConnect provides a fully-managed service, supplying hardware, network connections from all of North America’s major carriers, and support services. Managed, end-to-end service allows OEMs and operators to add OptConnect to their water treatment and irrigation systems without introducing a complicated, time-consuming new step in the process.

To learn more about OptConnect’s connectivity solution for irrigation & water treatment, please visit Water Treatment.

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