Answering the Top Sales-Support Questions

From the earliest days of OptConnect's creation, the mindset has always been to do all we can to take care of the customer by simplifying connectivity for their business. Customer service is at the root of every decision that we make. We pride ourselves on quickly and efficiently attending to your needs, answering calls and emails as soon as they come in.

Each member of our sales team holds the experience, tools, and knowledge to help you. Though we are happy to help you whenever you call in, here are some quick answers to some of the most frequently asked sales-support questions we hear from customers.

Q: What makes OptConnect different from our competition?

A: This is probably the most commonly asked question I get, and the answer is simple. OptConnect is your one-stop-shop when it comes to a wireless solution. When reliability, uptime, and customer support matter, we provide the best in the industry. We offer 24/7 customer care to all of our customers. This means when you need anything, OptConnect will be there for you. OptConnect also provides all of our customers with access to Summit for the lifetime of each device. Summit is OptConnect's online customer dashboard, which gives you access to see your entire profile of devices, manage them, receive alerts, and so much more. With access to Summit, you get real-time visibility into your portfolio of devices so you can monitor activity, location, signal strength, scheduled device check-ins, and much more that makes managing your devices remotely easier than it has ever been. We’ve spent 10+ years perfecting connectivity for our customers and they know that when they partner with OptConnect, they can focus on running their business instead of dealing with communication problems and issues.

Q: What Do I Need to Know About 3G to 4G Upgrades?

A: OptConnect is working to make the 3G to 4G upgrade process as stress-free and simple as possible. We have even implemented a new strategic team to help with these upgrades. There are two simple processes to get this done. The first would be for customers who have purchased their units. Purchased 3G units can be sent back to OptConnect and upgraded to 4G units. In order to have this properly done, we would need the customer to call in with the serial numbers they would like to have upgraded. We would provide you with a PO number to include with the units once they are sent back, we would identify them using that PO number.

For devices that were not purchased through OptConnect, we would still need the serial numbers of the devices that were needing to be upgraded. However, these devices would be sent back to OptConnect so that they could be removed from your bill. We would send you a new 4G unit that would start on a new two-year agreement with OptConnect. If you are hoping to keep the business up and running, we can send you the 4G device first and have the 3G device returned after the new router is installed.

Q: Where Can I See More Info About My Devices?

A: Summit is OptConnect's wireless management software platform, and it is included for free in our fully managed solution for each customer. It displays valuable data, allowing our support agents to troubleshoot a router's cellular connection with confidence. OptConnect customers can also access the Summit platform directly from any connected phone, tablet, or computer to manage their portfolio of devices with no additional cost or monthly fees. A large percentage of our daily calls to our Customer Care team is from customers who are looking for information on one of their devices that is readily available through Summit.

We are happy to take calls and provide whatever information the customer needs, but we have also found it beneficial to let customers know the information can be located on their own through Summit and it then becomes a very valuable tool that they use to manage their portfolio. From one device to thousands, Summit provides the information and resources customers need to manage their portfolios from anywhere and at any time. Customers looking to get started with Summit can contact our Customer Care Team at 877-678-3343 to receive their account login information.

For any additional questions or support, please contact us at any time at 877-678-3343.

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