Answering Frequently Asked Questions in OptConnect Summit

From the simplest to the most complex of problems that our customers encounter, the OptConnect Customer Care team is here to assist, even with OptConnect Summit. We pride ourselves on quickly and efficiently attending to your needs, answering calls and emails as quickly as they come in. Each member of the Customer Care team holds the experience, tools, and knowledge to help you, ensuring your wireless connectivity is managed by the best possible team of experts 24 hours a day.

A valuable software application that our Customer Care Representatives use on nearly every support call is called Summit. Summit is OptConnect's wireless management software platform and it is included for free in our fully managed solution for each customer. It displays valuable data, allowing our support agents to troubleshoot a router's cellular connection with confidence. OptConnect customers can also access the Summit platform directly from any connected phone, tablet, or computer to manage their portfolio of devices with no additional costs or fees.

Through the Summit dashboard, customers can get an in-depth view of details about each of their router’s cellular connections. A few of the important pieces of information customers have access to with Summit are:

  • Access to signal strength
  • Device check-in history
  • Unique & editable device identifiers specific to the customer's business
  • Approximate physical location
  • Notifications about devices
  • And so much more

Summit has many features and is instrumental in finding answers to questions regarding a wireless portfolio’s performance and well-being. While we are happy to take your call whenever you need us, we know some customers prefer to quickly access the information they are looking for on their own. Here are just a few examples of the questions we get asked from customers and how you can access the information by logging into Summit on your own device:

Q: Is my device online and connected?

A: OptConnect wireless devices are programmed to check-in to our servers on a scheduled basis. Summit tracks these check-ins and displays trends in check-in history. Summit records the last check-in timestamp, indicating if the device is currently in good health. Customers can "Refresh On-Demand Info" in Summit, which will contact the device via the cellular network and capture current signal strength readings that the device is displaying. This is a commonly used method of confirming that the device is connected to a cellular network.

Q: Is my device a 4G, 3G, or 1X unit?

A: When viewing your Summit dashboard, your portfolio will be displayed based on the network type. You can "View Devices by Equipment Type," which will display devices, filtered by the network they're connected to.

Q: I don't have time to check on each device constantly. What is the best way to monitor device statuses?

A: Quickly check device statuses from a birds-eye view when logging into Summit and viewing your dashboard. Here, you will see “Total Devices”, “Currently Online Devices” (checked in within the last 2 hours), “Recently Offline Devices” (failed to check-in 2-24hrs ago), “Offline Devices” (stopped checking in 1-7 days ago) and “Offline Devices” (7+ days). Summit also has a notification feature that will notify you via email when a device misses its scheduled checking.

If you’re currently an OptConnect customer and you would like access to Summit, please contact us at 877-678-3343. We’d be happy to set up credentials and provide an introduction to the dashboard. Customers have also found value in allowing OptConnect to conduct comprehensive Summit training for larger teams. If that is of interest to you, please contact your OptConnect Sales Representative to schedule training.

At OptConnect, we pride ourselves on our dependability, customer service, and cellular expertise. We are the leading wireless provider across multiple industries and have a hard-working, friendly support staff to ensure our customer's success, no matter the industry or application. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help in any case, and can be reached by calling 877-678-3343 extension 3 or by emailing

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions, suggestions, or comments about any of the OptConnect product line.

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