Muddy Team Building at the 2019 Dirty Dash

Ready, set, dash! On June 8th we took on The Dirty Dash for a second time, a 5K obstacle course set in Midway, Utah that takes you through sloppy mud pits, slip n slides, and foam baths. This filthy 5K empowers couch potatoes and athletes alike to put on their running shoes and make some fun for themselves. Last year was OptConnect's first time participating in the Dirty Dash, and we had a blast. It's especially rewarding when you get to cross the finish line together as a team. This year it was a no brainer that we wanted to participate in the event once again, but the hope was to get an even bigger group than last year. More Mud, More Memories This year we had double the amount of participants than we did at last year's event. Upon putting out the sign-up sheet, we had an overwhelming response of new people who wanted to take on this muddy obstacle course. The excitement in the office grew as June 8th got closer, and on that Saturday, we approached the starting line at 9 am as a team. While I expected we'd all stay together, I began to realize that even though we didn't finish at the same time, we were still supportive of everyone and their various skill sets. Through multiple challenging obstacles, we were able to come together as a team and get each other through. Employee Engagement Matters Here at OptConnect, we're always trying to find new ways to incorporate fun activities, and the Dirty Dash is one that has been truly great for our employee engagement. It allows us to socialize outside of the office, push each other, get to know each other better and create stronger friendships with everyone in the office. Beyond the fact that engagement can create a positive work experience for the employee, it also increases the productivity of that employee as well. In fact, happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy employees. Engagement has excellent benefits for employees as well as the company as a whole. Culture is Key We're focused on nurturing a company culture of engagement and growth, and we believe that an essential part of that is getting out of the office and doing something out of our element every once and awhile. That is why The Dirty Dash has been a genuinely good event for our company. It promotes team building, engagement, and muddy fun all at the same time. For more information, The Dirty Dash, visit To join our awesome team, check out current openings at

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