Andrew DeLaMare on His 2019 SAMY Win

My initial thoughts on his 2019 SAMY win from Utah Business were “is this even a real thing?” and I was completely surprised that I would even be nominated for it! After realizing the legitimacy of the award and the difficulty of attaining sales success on a consistent basis, I was deeply impressed with the integrity of OptConnect for nominating me in the first place to win this recognition. I have always felt that OptConnect was built on a team- and customer-first mentality. From the moment I met Chris Baird, our company CEO and our original Sales Manager, Matt Warner, I learned from those two mentors that if the boss cares about people and customer service, everyone in the company will care. That energizing culture has been a major factor in my success at OptConnect, and also in my growth as a sales professional. My 2019 SAMY win means a lot more to me knowing that OptConnect would submit my name for this award without my knowledge or involvement. It speaks to the integrity of the team and was the original focus that attracted me to work for such a company in the first place. In any sales role, meeting the right person at the right time can be a factor for some to achieve success, but I have learned that consistent hard work and tactful persistence in follow up help us the most in the daily pursuits of our goals. Ultimately, hard work and consistency have helped me stay above the board in what I am asked to do, and Utah Business Magazine has said the following regarding sales and marketing professionals: “Sales and marketing have always been demanding professions. Every lead and each sale are small victories—but they don’t guarantee the next sale. Only hard work and perseverance keep the sales coming, and each one is another hard-won victory. But for any company, sales and marketing are what drive organizational growth. These frontline successes enable the company to hire more employees and invest in research or equipment. Strong, effective marketers and salespeople don’t just score wins for themselves, they’re winning for the entire team.” Each day I am excited to come into work at OptConnect, and I think considering the summary above about what sales and technology can do, it is worth noting that OptConnect is making new waves in wireless technology as we know it today. These waves and additional investment in technology excite me and drive me to do even more to help foster that growth here at OptConnect. I am thankful each day that I have the opportunity to be a part of a great team, and I am proud to list my name next to OptConnect’s in accepting the SAMY award.

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