An OptConnect Halloween Celebration

Here at OptConnect, we like to celebrate and go all out for the holidays. Some traditions that we love to do for Halloween and have been doing for almost 10+ years, are bringing in some delicious soups and rolls, having a costume contest, and spending time all together.

This year we were able to team up with our former owners and neighbors, Grant Victor, and celebrate our annual OptConnect Halloween traditions together. We had a potluck full of delicious food, including a donut wall.

The Costume Contest

One of the fun activities that we like to do during this Halloween lunch each year is a costume contest. This year, in particular, we had a great turn out with the number of employees that dressed up.

It’s always so fun to see everyone’s creativity with their costumes. We had 3 prizes to give out this year. The first-place prize was a $100 gift card that was won by yours truly and the marketing team. We decided to coordinate our costumes and dressed up as oral hygiene.

Second place prize of a $25 gift card went to one of our sales representatives who dressed up in tons of Disney swag including rose gold Minnie ears. The final $25 gift card went to another sales representative that dressed up as a knight.

The Value of Tradition

We believe that traditions are important, especially when it comes to gathering our employees and celebrating as a company. Holiday parties allow our employees to mingle in a laid back setting. It's a way for us to thank them for all of their hard work.

We want our employees to have the ability to talk to one another in a safe environment. Company celebrations also add to our company culture and morale. I believe that OptConnect has one of the best company cultures. I say this because it is truly a place where employees want to come to work.

We hold communication high in our company values and we feel that these holiday parties exemplify that. The gatherings encourage employees to communicate with one another and have some fun while they're at it!

There is no better feeling than seeing all of our employees from different departments talking about their weekend plans or how their kids’ potty training has been going.

Celebrating Employees

It’s been proven that if an employee doesn’t enjoy their coworkers, they are more likely to leave and find another job (Hello Endless). We pay close attention to how we treat our employees and we love to help foster an environment where they can thrive.

This is what keeps our company culture-positive and cohesive. Be sure to take time to celebrate your employees because it is their work that keeps your company moving forward.

We love our holiday traditions and are excited to celebrate another great OptConnect Halloween next year!

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