Achieving Success as an OptConnect Partner

After signing up as an OptConnect partner, companies can begin referring or reselling OptConnect’s managed connectivity services immediately without the need to build, buy or develop systems, technologies, plans, or teams to support it. So, what are the next steps after onboarding as an OptConnect Partner?

This post will walk anyone considering partnering with OptConnect through what a successful partnership looks like and how OptConnect is here to help you achieve success in your partnership journey.

We’re Here to Help

Every partner has specific needs, has specific business processes they follow and has their own specific way of introducing a solution to their clientele. Partners may encounter one large opportunity or possibly many smaller opportunities. Likewise, some might be active in multiple industries where others focus on just one industry.

At OptConnect, we strive to provide assistance to our partners no matter their scope of business or target industry. Through training and constant communication, we strive to always ensure partners have the support needed to achieve success. OptConnect is standing by to co-sale with partners, explain the OptConnect value proposition to potential customers, assist with pricing negotiations, and help through the entire sales and fulfillment process.

We want our partners to be successful and we assist by ensuring they have resources available including documentation and personnel to move towards that success. Utilizing the provided resources is just one way to accomplish the ultimate goal of signing your first of many deals as an OptConnect partner.

Onboarding & Training

The partner onboarding process will include training on OptConnect hardware and software. Although training is for educating and providing a solid understanding of the OptConnect solution to partners and their sales reps, it’s not expected that our partners know all the technical details and capabilities of the OptConnect solution. In most instances, our devices require no customization and are simply plug-and-play. Sometimes, however, achieving success as a partner might include relying on OptConnect engineers to build specific routing functionality into device configurations.

We encourage our partners to utilize OptConnect resources as often as needed to enhance the customer experience and provide individual attention to their needs. It’s been proven that collaborating as partners is an effective method of gaining trust and creating momentum, ensuring partners are successful.

What Success Looks Like

Success may appear different from one partner to the next. For some, success might be landing a 1,000-unit deal and for others, it might be measured by the number of opportunities the solution is presented to. Regardless of the experience or duration of time, a partner has been selling OptConnect hardware, success should be measured and gauged and should provide the ability to track progress.

Tracking progress will largely assist in identifying what works for you and will allow you, as a partner, to fine-tune your efforts and build your customer's wireless portfolios as well as your income through the OptConnect partnership. We’re happy to work with our partners and assist in reporting your success.

Partnership You Can Count On

Achieving success as an OptConnect partner includes listening to customer’s needs and learning how OptConnect solutions can easily integrate into systems, then presenting the solution and capitalizing on the opportunity. As a partner relies on OptConnect for help, as they trust in the solutions and systems we provide, and as they gain confidence in their ability to sell the best fully managed wireless connectivity on the market, they quickly recognize the monetary benefits as sales are closed and hardware is deployed.

If becoming a reseller or a referral partner is of interest to you, please visit to get more information and contact us.

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