A Look at OptConnect’s Partner Program

OptConnect’s Partner Program provides a way for companies to remarket (refer) or resell OptConnect’s fully-managed wireless solution. After signing up as an OptConnect partner, companies can begin refering or reselling OptConnect’s managed connectivity services immediately without the need to build, buy or develop systems, technologies, plans or teams to support it.

Leveraging OptConnect’s fully-managed cellular services helps partners provide solutions to their customers, allowing them to penetrate markets quicker with a reputable name and quality that customers can trust.

OptConnect’s Partner Program was created for those interested in providing the benefits of OptConnect cellular connectivity to their customer network. When a partner signs on to remarket or resell OptConnect services, they not only are helping their customers get a dependable source of cellular connectivity, they are also generating an additional revenue stream for their own business.

This additional revenue stream has proven to be a dependable source of income for partners. Partners can now provide an ultra-reliable connectivity solution to their customers without having to build the entire eco-system to support it. Companies have two options to choose from when partnering with OptConnect, they can choose between a remarketer or reseller program.

A remarketer will refer an opportunity or customer to OptConnect and then receive a percentage of the monthly billing total as customers buy and grow their wireless portfolio. A reseller receives a predetermined buy-rate which is then marked up and sold at the margin of their choice to their customers.

Being an OptConnect partner comes with many benefits, including:

  • Addition of a new recurring revenue stream
  • New product offering
  • The ability to provide a more complete end-to-end connectivity solution
  • Competitive buy rates allowing partners to more creatively orchestrate deals
  • Customer or deal registration – bring a customer to OptConnect and receive a commission on all future business with the customer
  • Sales support - partners are never alone as they engage when selling OptConnect services. Our sales support will be there to support you in your efforts
  • Assistance with marketing collateral and marketing campaigns

Partners can expect a smooth onboarding process when signing up to resell or remarket OptConnect. The onboarding process includes:

  • Executed Remarketer/Reseller agreement
  • Executed NDA
  • Onboarding and next steps discussions
  • Creation of co-branded marketing collateral
  • Training on OptConnect hardware and pricing models for your sales team
  • Creation and implementation of a go-to-market strategy
  • Assistance with sales presentations for opportunities
  • Assistance in development and deployment of a co-branded marketing strategy
  • Creation of market studies, blog posts, user stories to share as marketing collateral
  • Technical assistance in the sales cycle
  • Constant contact with partners ensuring optimal support for the partners success

Are you interested in becoming a remarketer or reseller? Contact us today to see if you’d be a good fit for the OptConnect Partner Program.

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