What is Glimpse API?

When we talk about what sets OptConnect apart from the competition, the words “managed solution” come to mind. This is because here at OptConnect, we don’t simply provide hardware and a data plan. Instead, we provide all of the management, monitoring, security, warranty protection, 24/7 customer support, and so many other tools and support. One of the features that really sets us apart from other providers is our proprietary tool, called Glimpse.

Glimpse is a LAN based interface API for querying router details without internet access. Glimpse is a capability unique to OptConnect that gives customers insight into their cellular router performance. OptConnect created it to ensure stable cellular connections that limit customers downtime and the subsequent loss of revenue.

The Creation of Glimpse

We created Glimpse two years ago, for customers to have a better way to check their wireless connectivity, on the fly, as well as a means to query performance from their own machines or internal dashboard services via an API. Only OptConnect offers Glimpse.

How to Use Glimpse

In the instance of a customer using OptConnect to connect a kiosk, Glimpse is a simple yet powerful network tool that can be available right on the kiosk’s screen. Any non-technical person can be guided by the kiosk through connection troubleshooting and restoration. It’s like having a trained technician always on-site. Glimpse enables OEMs, operators, deployers, and integrators to enhance their business by offering improved uptime and reduced dispatches – a combination that increases revenue, decreases costs and improves satisfaction for everyone.

Getting Technical

Glimpse is a read-only HTTP RESTful service that communicates on a local port. It supports GET methods only and returns a structured JSON payload. With a network cable, customers connect to the ethernet LAN port of the OptConnect device.

The device’s IP environment must be set via DHCP or on the subnet 192.168.1.x/24 with an address other than the device's IP address.

Once connected you’ll have access to the following information:

  • The strength of the signal
  • The signal quality
  • The speed of ping responses

For more information on Glimpse API, please visit www.optconnect.com or contact one of our connectivity experts at 877-678-3343.

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