A Hole in One with OptConnect and SmartPin

OptConnect is proudly headquartered in the Silicon Slopes of Utah. Surprising to many, Utah is actually home to one of the hottest tech scenes in the country, with more than 6,500 startups and tech companies thriving. Recently, OptConnect helped sponsor the Slopes Cup golf tournament to showcase one of our latest products, OptConnect ema™, along with our new partner, Ace Golf Technologies and their golf SmartPin.

SmartPin is an internet connected smart golf pin designed to be interactive with players and track hole-in-ones’ during play. OptConnect ema™ is the world’s first smart embedded modem and makes the internet connectivity possibly inside the SmartPin.

Staying Competitive With SmartPin


SmartPin is a golf pin designed to interact with players. It provides features such as 360* (degree) recording of a players golf shot while delivering analytics and validation if a hole-in-one is hit. Smart Pin has a nationwide progressive jackpot contest similar to the Powerball lottery that grows until a golfer hits a hole-in-one. Golfers can choose to enter to win the contest by playing at participating golf courses around the country that have SmartPin enabled holes on their course.

This is the latest exciting advancement to the game of golf and adds a new level of competition with the ability to compete with other players nationwide. The contests start at a minimum $10,000 prize and grow from there each day if no hole- in-ones are hit.

How Does it Work With ema?

OptConnect ema™ combines a fully certified 4G LTE embedded modem, onboard intelligence, embedded firmware and software, and a robust suite of managed services. It features dual-carrier SIM card support for carrier to carrier failover and all of the low-level control and development so customers can just use the modem without having to develop all the software and code to make it work.

Each SmartPin has an ema installed in the pin to deliver data to collect the analytics and record players who enter via the SmartPin app with a shot at a chance to win the nationwide jackpot money. None of this would be possible without the reliable and fully managed connectivity provided by OptConnect ema™.

Without a data connection, the video and sensors for analytics would not function. SmartPin's business model is heavily dependent on the secure quality connectivity and uptime that OptConnect ema™ provides.

With ema, customers get:

  • All the monitoring
  • All the manageability
  • All the security
  • All the reporting
  • All the certifications
  • All the autonomous self-healing of the connection

For more information on OptConnect ema™, please visit https://www.optconnect.com/product/optconnect-ema.

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