5G Is Here — Introducing OptConnect mylo

Today we are proud to announce that we have officially launched mylo, OptConnect’s first 5G modem. Mylo is dual carrier, meaning it connects to AT&T and Verizon networks — automatically switching between them to the most reliable connection possible. With all the buzz around 5G, we are proud to say it’s finally here.

Mylo is specifically designed for ATM, POS, and sensor applications using the latest 5G cellular technology that offers benefits not seen before, including superior connectivity, best congestion performance, multi-carrier redundancy, case install itself, and fully managed solution. Mylo is OptConnect's latest product launch following its launch of embedded modem, ema back in May of 2019.

Recently, I sat down with Steve Garrett, Chief Product Officer at OptConnect, who worked hard over the last year to not only help create mylo but to also bring it to market. Here's what he had to say about OptConnect's vision for mylo and why it's a game-changer for the IoT market.

Q: What was the initial idea behind creating a product like mylo?

A: We wanted to offer a product with the absolute best connectivity. One that operated differently from most other cellular devices so that it worked farther away from towers could be placed deeper into buildings was more immune from congested networks, and that took advantage of carrier to carrier redundancy.

Q: What need is there in the IoT market for a product like mylo?

A: Much of the IoT market is focused on low to medium speed but critical transmission needs. Those applications need the best connectivity options possible.

Q: What was the creation process like for mylo?

A: We verified the LTE Cat M1 technology in our test labs and in real-world production settings. Then we thought, "How can we use this technology to make a better cellular router?" The answer was mylo with its carrier to carrier redundancy and simplified magnetic mounting.

Q: Why do you think this product will be a game-changer for the IoT market?

A: LTE Cat M1 technology is expressly intended for IoT and machines. It's not meant for phones and tablets and digital displays. The network manages this technology differently, allowing for critical applications to stay connected. Some applications can work for years on a single battery that you buy from the corner pharmacy. That allows more things to be connected.

Q: What equipment (ATMs, kiosks, etc.) are ideal for mylo?

A: mylo is ideal for any type of transactional application – ATMs, smart safes, sensors, point of sale, and similar uses that send and receive relatively small amounts of data periodically throughout the day.

We're excited to introduce mylo to the ATM, POS, and sensor IoT markets. mylo is perfect for applications that require cellular connectivity for critical financial and environmental transmissions. mylo operates on a 5G network, enabling many benefits never seen before, like unparalleled distance, penetration, and coverage.

Unlike other cellular devices that run out of steam when crowds start posting updates and sharing videos, mylo keeps going strong. Its compact and lightweight design means that it fits virtually anywhere, and its magnetic base means it stays put. When data is critical, and tenacious connectivity is required, mylo is the way to go.

For more information about OptConnect mylo, please visit www.optconnect.com.

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