5 Tips to Secure Your ATM

ATMs are a prime target for thieves. They are usually located in public places, so they are easy to access. Almost always they are unattended, giving thieves unfettered access to the machines. Of course, also being full of cash is definitely a plus for thieves, so in today's post, we'll cover 5 tips to secure your ATM.

Thieves attempt to gain access to the contents of the ATM by any means possible. Frequently a thief will try to use physical force to break into the ATM, or they have purchased an ATM key and they will try to unlock the ATM and extract the contents. They also attempt to steal the cash by using malware to have the ATM dispense the cash. A most recent example of this type of attack was the "Man in the middle" attacks where the thieves would target unencrypted wireless routers rather than the terminal itself.

Here at OptConnect, we understand the need for added security measures to protect your business. After working closely with TJ Carter, Director of Customer Care here at OptConnect, we have compiled a list of 5 ATM Security Tips.

5 ATM Security Tips

1- Maintain ATM Software. Doing so will ensure that your ATM is up to date with the latest security updates from Windows.

2- Allow ATM to facilitate SSL and TLS securities. SSL/TLS are cryptographic security protocols; they're used to "scramble" communications between two endpoints so that anyone in the middle can't intercept those comms and make sense of them.

3- Use a wireless device that is on a private network to eliminate port scanning. A private network will prevent threats from being able to access your ATM through your connectivity.

4- Change default password settings, both the locks and the master password. When ATMs ship, they'll use the default, standardized passwords from manufacturers. These passwords are widely known across the industry. If you don't change passwords, you're vulnerable to someone walking up, knowing the default password and trying it, then logging into your machine to change settings.

5- Ensure machines are up to date on compliance items. You must have PCI compliant keypads and EMV upgraded card readers.

We understand that the security of your ATM is paramount to your business, so we hope that you find these tips helpful.

For more information on how OptConnect helps provide a secure network for your ATM, visit https://www.optconnect.com/solutions/atm.

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