5 Technology Trends Impacting Point of Sale

The needs of consumers are evolving constantly, causing Point of Sale (POS) retailers to keep up in order to provide their consumers with a quick, simple, and convenient ways to pay for things.

It’s important to know what technology trends are transforming Point of Sale so you can select the best POS system and connectivity.

Here are 5 technology trends impacting POS.

1. Bluetooth. Did you know that you can take payments over Bluetooth? This removes the need for wifi and ensures that payment is fast and secure. Slow internet or limited access to the internet isn’t a problem when relying on Bluetooth.

2. Mobile POS. Consumers want ultimate convenience when it comes to the buying process and what better way to meet their needs than with Mobile POS systems. With Mobile POS systems, payment can be taken directly to the consumer. This eliminates long lines and time to payment so that consumers don’t change their minds. Of course, these systems do much more than just making payments. They can look up product info, review stock, and collect data during a purchase.

3. On-Demand Purchasing. Now buying something can be just a click away with on-demand purchasing. This means that consumers can buy their foods or goods online in advance and then pick them up at the store when they’re ready. This puts the power back in the consumer’s hands and gives them the kind of convenience they’re looking for in their busy lives.

4. Cloud-Based POS. These days it seems like almost everything is stored in the cloud and POS data is no different. Having cloud-based POS means you can store all of your information and have access to it from anywhere. This updates all of your systems simultaneously increases security and minimizes downtime.

5. Mobile Wallets. More and more consumers are starting to pay using their mobile wallets. Mobile wallets store consumer’s cards and payment info so they can pay using their mobile phones. This enables quick, easy, and secure payments that can easily be linked to loyalty programs and coupons. Older POS systems do not accept this kind of payments so you’ll want to make sure you have a newer system.

All of these new technologies are advancing POS and all of them require fast and reliable connectivity to run efficiently.

To learn more about how OptConnect’s connectivity can power the latest POS technology, visit our POS Solutions page..

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