5 Connectivity Pain Points for Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is a crucial part of any foodservice operation because it reduces spoilage, protects customers from foodborne illnesses caused by improper storage, and helps keep food and beverages at proper serving temperatures. There are numerous processes and applications in a commercial kitchen and storage facility that require refrigeration from food preparation to beverage service, to specialty items and warehousing.

Connected commercial refrigeration systems relay critical operational information in real-time to prevent lost goods and business. The key to their functionality and overall success is ultimately their ability to connect reliably to the internet.

Here are some common connectivity pain points that commercial refrigeration service providers face:

1. Downtime. Resulting in costly on-site service calls, food spoilage, loss of revenue, and customers.

2. Unreliable Local Internet. Relying on a local network connection or WiFi that may not be available or intermittent which translates to costly downtime.

3. Lack of facility-wide optimization and controls. Increases operational costs to the organization and limits effectiveness.

4. Lack of visibility into equipment. Without reliable connectivity, you lose the ability to accurately predict needed preventative maintenance before a problem arises which increases downtime and equipment failure rates and increases costs.

5. Hard to manage a large portfolio. Managing connectivity across a large portfolio of systems can be burdensome and difficult when many different solutions are utilized across a portfolio.

In today’s challenging environment, OptConnect understands that reliability is a top priority for commercial refrigeration. Refrigeration units are mission-critical systems that can quickly become a costly service call if they go down. OptConnect provides a safe and secure internet connection via cellular and a whole lot more in our Connectivity-as-a-Service model.

Rather than simply providing the connection to the internet, OptConnect bundles that with an entire suite of managed services that provides greater connectivity uptime and less stress and worry for the service providers, since every necessary component is being taken care of. All the operator needs to do is plug in their device and we help take care of the rest so that they can focus on more important areas of their business.

With OptConnect’s fully managed solution, the operator and service provider have the peace of mind knowing they have the best available hardware, strongest carrier networks, secure private IP connections, access to the industry’s award-winning 24/7/365 Customer Care Center, real-time monitoring and management, data overage risk mitigation, lifetime warranty, a robust customer portal to be able to check on and manage their devices remotely from anywhere, and so much more.

To learn more about managed connectivity for commercial refrigeration please visit www.optconnect.com/solutions/commercial-refrigeration.

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