5 Commercial Laundry Trends and Their Impact

Every industry needs to evolve to stay relevant and meet market demand. Innovation drives industries forward, and commercial laundry is no exception. Trends are happening now and predicted for the future that will revolutionize both the way commercial launderers do laundry and the way they do business.

Here are five commercial laundry trends that are impacting the future of laundry operations, according to a white paper from the Board for Washing Excellence.

1. Smart Technology. Professional laundry operations, whether outsourced or done on location, can be incredibly hectic.IoT simplifies the process. Smart technology integrated with laundry machines means that you’ll be able to give feedback after your clothes are washed, adjusting the cleaning criteria for a better laundry experience. It also provides unparalleled organization and tracking methods.

2. Reducing Resources. The laundry industry is finding new ways to reduce the number of resources needed per load of laundry, specifically those that can be detrimental to both the linens and the environment, like the chemicals in detergent. Some machines also add XOrbs, tiny beads that absorb stains and provide a gentle mechanical wash action to lessen the amount and temperature of water needed and therefore also lessen the amount of detergent.

3. Eco-Friendly. It’s no secret that consumers are flocking toward more eco-friendly products and services. Sustainable, or "green," practices are highly sought after, and this trend will only pick up in the coming years. Laundry requires water and energy, two resources that are dwindling. That is why many in the laundry industry are working to combat the exploitation of these resources by creating machines that use less energy and less water. New information is also helping, like finding out that using hot water does not mean that clothes are getting cleaner than when you wash with cold water. Just switching your temperature setting from hot to warm can cut energy use in half.

4. Improved Customer Experience. Whether through increased options, business updates centered around convenience—pick up, delivery, extended hours, etc.—or use of a gentler wash and fewer harsh chemicals to improve the quality of their wash, more and more commercial launderers are distinguishing themselves by working to provide that extra level of service to customers.

5. Business Intelligence. Quantifying water and energy usage in laundry used to be nearly impossible, but now we have washing machines with software that can measure water as well as electricity and chemical data for your entire laundry operation. With that kind of business intelligence, it's much easier to calculate expenses, find potential savings, and build a better laundry operation.

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