3 New Innovative Kiosks to Watch For

Self-serve kiosks are in their prime right now with many offering new capabilities like facial recognition, advanced analytics, robotics, and more. The digital and physical aspects of retail are now teaming up to introduce new interactive technologies through innovative kiosks. The idea of a cashier-less retail experience has fueled many competitors within the space and added to the growth of IoT in retail.

These self-serve kiosks are not only multi-featured but also multi-functional, performing specific tasks like healthcare testing, prescription pickup, restaurant order-and-pay, buy-online-pickup-in-store, grocery checkout, photo processing and more.

With many new kiosks on the rise, here are 3 new innovative kiosks to watch for:

1. Try-On Room Kiosks. These kiosks are powered by custom-built software that allows shoppers to easily scan items on an iOS-based device. Shoppers can immediately see and request other available sizes and styles, receive product recommendations, view running cart totals, email information to themselves or potential gift-givers and more — all without leaving the fitting room. Store associates receive notifications and can quickly deliver any other pieces the shopper wants to try on.

2. Touch-Free Kiosks. Touch-free interactive kiosks use machine vision to convert pointing gestures into on-screen selections. The user points to a selection without touching it, preventing the transfer of germs to the screen. The software records customers' selections and their demographics.

3. Robotic Kiosks. These serve as express checkout kiosks, enabling barcode scanning and printing receipts. The robot can recognize the gender and age of an approaching customer in order to display customized information. The unit has a touchscreen and features artificial intelligence voice interaction and facial recognition.

(Kiosk Marketplace)

Kiosks are getting faster, smarter, and overall more efficient. What all three of these kiosks have in common is that they are completely reshaping the way we think of kiosks.

Their functionality is now going above and beyond what we could have imagined and with it, retail will become more convenient than ever, not only for the shopper but also for the kiosk deployer. Deployers of kiosks will now be able to make more informed decisions based on shopper trends and habits, this is all data that will be able to be collected and analyzed.

Most importantly, these kiosk innovations show just how far technology can go and that we have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

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