2019 ATM Trends & Innovations

The ATM is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Monday, September 2nd, and it's been amazing to look back on the progress and growth of this game-changing machine. Today we'll look at some of the top ATM trends and innovations of 2019.

Since the ATM's official launch in 1969, the machine has evolved beyond the cash dispensing entity that it once was into a smarter, more capable device that can do way more than simply dispense cash. Specifically, in the ATM industry, 2019 has proven to be a year that has produced a multitude of innovations and has taken to trends that are providing long term value. Technologies like bitcoin ATMs, digital toppers, and AI integration are becoming more common and necessary.

Here are a few of the top ATM trends and innovations that are fueling the industry this year.

Bitcoin ATMs. One of the biggest trends that came out of previous years is Bitcoin. The Bitcoin ATM industry has been on the scene since 2016, but like with anything, it takes time for the trend to be adopted by the masses. A few key players in the ATM world identified this trend and went full force in developing a way for the public to gain access to participate in this new form of currency.

By utilizing a familiar platform like the ATM to get in on this new frontier for currency. These companies have added a huge value to the ATM industry by taking the traditional ATM form and molding it to the needs of this new currency.

Digital Toppers. With wireless connectivity becoming more accessible, the variety of opportunities for devices has exploded in recent years. ATM digital screen toppers is a trend that is gaining momentum in 2019 and will mostly become a staple.

ATM operators have been utilizing these devices to draw attention and to support customer interactions. OptConnect has seen a noticeable increase in requests for connectivity for these toppers.

AI Integration. With new hardware uses like digital signage comes the innovation of what's inside the machine. Artificial intelligence has been a headlining topic across the board. The financial tech industry has been racing to flex and innovate ways to integrate it into many aspects of products and services, which makes sense since it has proven to be such an incredibly beneficial tool.

The ATM services have been using AI to optimize machines from security to predicting when maintenance needs to be done, and level performances will fluctuate. This AI integration is sure to become more sophisticated as ATM operators begin implementing and innovating.

The ATM industry has been working on getting ahead and on staying relevant in an ever-changing transactional environment. With the trends and innovations that are coming out of 2019, it's certain the ATM industry is fully invested in making sure ATM’s continue to be a mainstay in our society and look to make them more intelligent, more interactive with customers, and more intelligent so operators can manage them with greater ease.

As new trends and innovations arise, ATMs will continue to need reliable connectivity to support these new technologies. To learn more about how OptConnect provides the latest in ATM connectivity, click here.

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