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3G Is Going Away, Are You Prepared?

Here at OptConnect, one of our focuses has been educating clients on the sunset of 3G and guiding them through the process of upgrading to 4G. As adoption grows and the carriers invest more and more resources into new technology, IoT will continue to expand and be an even larger part of all of our lives. Understanding the need and having a strategic plan in place to upgrade older devices is important to you and your business so that you don’t face service interruptions or downtime.

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Why Do I Need to Upgrade?

With 4G’s increasing growth and 5G already being rolled out in larger metropolitan areas, network operators’ focus has been shifting away from legacy technologies like 3G. The move away from 3G will undoubtedly be a significant transition for many IoT and M2M companies, because 2G and 3G connectivity is still widely used for deployed devices.

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How Do I Upgrade?

OptConnect makes it easy for operators on our OpEx model since our lifetime warranty gives operators a path to 4G devices for free. If you have devices on these plans, you get the peace of mind of knowing that OptConnect will make this upgrade process easy to navigate through. We will also work with each operator to ensure your equipment will not be affected by the carriers moving away from older 2G and 3G networks. If you have purchased hardware (CapEx customers) and need to invest in new 4G equipment, OptConnect has plans in place to help with the upgrade of existing devices or options to purchase new routers.