About Us

OptConnect is in the business of networking physical objects that contain embedded technology--such as a self-service kiosks--to communicate and sense their internal status out to an external environment, all without human interaction.

Over the past 5 years, adoption of wireless solutions by multiple industries ranging from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), PoS (Point of Sale), Digital Signage, Utility companies, etc... have outpaced many other connectivity options that are considered "antiquated" (telephone lines, Ethernet, etc).

With benefits ranging from cost savings, flexibility, reliability, proactive alerting, and faster speeds, OptConnect is helping make cellular-wireless solutions the new standard for deployments. OptConnect provides a high quality, low cost package that enables operators to disconnect their land lines, and go completely wireless. Saving time, and money allows the operators to join the evolving technological movement known as the "Internet of Things".

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OptConnect, along with Grant Victor’s other strategic business units, is focused on the business of synergistically pursuing opportunities and creating solutions that facilitate the access and the convenience to cash in the consumer marketplace. Not only is OptConnect an active member of the ATM Industry Association, but we also are a wireless communications technology provider playing an integral role in enhancing the ATM and financial payment industry today, positively impacting a lifetime of tomorrows.

At the heart of the OptConnect culture are the six core values that distinguish a Grant Victor Company: Commitment, Integrity, Safety, Customer Service, Innovation and Work Ethic. These principles inform every operation, every decision and every interaction bearing the OptConnect brand. Intent on converting every OptConnect customer into a Raving Fan, we consistently provide high-tech connectivity solutions paired with high-touch customer service.