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OptConnect provides wireless network connectivity for Micro Market systems of any size. The OptConnect solutions gives merchants faster and more flexible deployments, and a reliable connection to manage inventory and market operations.

Secure Connectivity
OptConnect offers the same reliable and secure connection, traditionally achieved with landlines, using revolutionary wireless technology. Wireless operation on cellular networks enables faster transaction speeds and complete mobility.

Reliable Technology
The OptConnect 3G/4G LTE wireless gateways offer the same reliability as landlines at a much lower cost. Wider coverage, increased data transfer speeds and equipment dependability afforded by wireless service allows for greater flexibility of placement.

Simple Installation
Wireless connectivity allows for same-day device deployment, whereas installation of a landline-dependent devices can encounter a number of delays and added costs.

Lifetime Warranty
OptConnect offers a lifetime warranty with advance overnight replacement in the rare event of equipment failure.

See what OptConnect can do for your Micro Market